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Just In Time to See the Sun Shine by livign-for-nothing
Just In Time to See the Sun Shine
am i terrified? oh yes absolutely. am i very turned on? oh yes abso l u

this took SO LONG and im still not entirely happy with how it turned out. I really love how the coloring turned out though. i think it looks nice
wrava. she is my wife. my queen. she could drag me into hell and i would thank her. god damn.
if you dont read avas demon youre missing out and you should go do that thing

edit: oh god da is making this look so blurry i cant get it to not do that blargh
Sailor Terezi by livign-for-nothing
Sailor Terezi
1N TH3 N4M3 OF TH3 MOON, 1 W1LL PUN1SH YOU!!!! >:]

an attempt to combine two of my fav things of all time- Sailor Moon and Homestuck. I feel like Terezi would be a super BAMF sailor moon.
I hate my ADD brain by livign-for-nothing
I hate my ADD brain
a little comic about something that actually happens to me ALL THE TIME
im not saying that top panel doesn't happen....but people who think that's the only thing add looks like are sadly mistaken...
in reality i do rlly well in school for the most part 
also i should clarify that add and adhd are different. I have add, which is like adhd except you aren't hyperactive- only inattentive or impulsive or both
this is a comic about my own personal experience so if you disagree thats cool...this is just how i feel about it
she angry by livign-for-nothing
she angry
A lil sketch of one of my OCs, Lerne (The name of the file is "kirby's fuckin PISSED")
We're not so different, you and I by livign-for-nothing
We're not so different, you and I
Alternate title: The Criminal and the One Who Seeks Justice

I was playing around with style and coloring and I LOVE how this turned out! These are two of my fantrolls, Nakaji (left) and Carian (right). Carian fed Nakaji's moirail to her snake lusus, and Nakaji is now trying to hunt Carian down and make her suffer for what she's done. I did this because they are both basically murderers- Nakaji claims to work in the name of justice, while Carian kills both for fun and to feed her lusus. I see them as opposite sides of the same coin haha
(Also Nakaji fights with her fancy rich person cane which is actually a sword, and Carian fights with guns and homemade grenades. Nakaji is a purple blooded seadweller and Carian has dark blue blood)


livign-for-nothing's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, I'm Caroline. I'm an amateur artist who uses Photoshop Elements with a Bamboo Splash tablet. I'm a HUGE fan of Homestuck, Teen Titans, Danny Phantom, Young Justice, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Madoka Magica, and like a million other animes. I'm not a very good artist yet, but I'm confident that in time I will be able to improve. I love getting critiques and comments, so feel free to :)
Username: livign-for-nothing (it doesnt rlly mean anything idk why i chose it)
Preferred nickname: Caroline! 
Birthday: October 26

Who are you?
 I'm Caroline, a 16 y/o student living in Connecticut! I love to draw but my main passion is classical singing! When I'm not doing that I can be found doodling all my OCs on all of my school papers.
Where did you come from?
I live in Connecticut but I was born in Chicago ^u^  
What is your favorite color?
I like all pastels!
Do you wish to be someone’s friend?
I'd love to be everyone's friend! ^u^
 We all love our TT OCs around here! But what else are you into? Fandoms, hobbies, other things you enjoy?
I am SUPER into Homestuck! I also really love Steven Universe, as well as various other animes. And as I said before, I am a classical singer! I also play trombone! (I really REALLY like music if it wasnt apparent already)
Favorite food: Ice cream probably
Favorite book: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Favorite movie: Howl's Moving Castle
Favorite place: Interlochen Michigan (my summer camp)

Group Stuff
Who are your TT OCs?
Aqua Flare and Trance are my main ones. I've also got Luna and Intrigue, but I haven't worked with them in a while (although I should...)
How about their birthdays, if you know them?
Lana's is May 6 and Trance's is December 8 (although she doesn't celebrate it)
What inspired you to create them?
Oh gosh. Lana started off as as a self-insert mary sue when I was in 7th grade. Kiera...I don't remember? I was just drawing one day and she appeared. Same with the others.
Why did you join the club?
Because I love Teen Titans and I wanted to meet other people who did as well!

Do you like interacting with other group members?
I actually don't interact with people very much, but it would be nice to!
What kind of feedback do you hope to see on your art?
Any kind of feedback would be nice! Maybe anatomy critiques, or pointers on perspective or whatever. I'm always looking for ways to improve!
Are you a fan of roleplaying (RPs)?
I've tried once or twice in the past, and I might be open to trying again.
How about art trades?
Omg I love art trades! Getting the chance to draw other people's characters and seeing mine drawn by others would be rad.
Do you take requests?
Anything else you’d like the other members to know about you?
And finally:
Would you like to have your OCs, your art, and yourself featured on our front page for events such as birthdays, activities, and charity drives? :D (Big Grin)

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